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Family, God, Jesus, Friends, Eternity…

My Beliefs - Family, God, Jesus, Friends, Eternity…

The magic of Christmas

When people think about Christmastime, most think about the hustle and bustle of it all. It tends to be so stressful that they can’t sit back and enjoy the beautiful spirit felt during this magical time. Right after Thanksgiving and sometimes even before, we are thinking about decorating the house, putting up the Christmas tree, stringing up the lights, shopping til you drop, baking all sorts of goodies. Just talking about all those things makes me exhausted!
Christmas should not be a stressful time in anyone’s life. Jesus wouldn’t want the celebration of his birth to become a dreaded thing. We need to remember that we celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of our savior not telling Santa what we want for Christmas. This holiday has become so commercialized, it’s really sad. It’s not about the presents but his presence is what makes Christmas so special. We need to remember to teach our children the reason why we celebrate Christmas. I appreciate what Santa represents but it should be all about giving not just receiving. As parents, we tend to work our butts off to provide a great Christmas for our children. Sean and I don’t like to spoil our kids on Christmas, we think the best gift we can give our Savior is to provide service to our fellow man. That’s what Jesus did. In my opinion, the best time to spoil them is on their birthdays because we are celebrating our children coming into this world. Why not just randomly surprise our children during the year, not overshadow the most beautiful time of year.

These are just my feelings and opinions but I believe that the celebration of Christmas should be about celebrating the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ with family and loved ones.